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Concerned Citizens of Irish Beach

Mission Statement

Ensure a high level of fairness, cooperation and friendliness in the future development of Irish Beach

On May 3, 2003, the developers of Irish Beach took control of the Irish Beach Improvement Club by purchasing memberships for 104 vacant lots at the cost of $33,800. This allowed them to elect  a family member and people of their choosing to the Board of Directors of the Improvement Club (IBIC).  The remaining three directors immediately resigned in protest. We believe that the developers did this to control the Irish Beach Architectural Design Committee.

For many years, the Irish Beach Improvement Club had been representative of the entire community and undertook a variety of projects for the benefit of the entire community.  The by-laws of IBIC allowed for membership to be associated with vacant lots in order to encourage non-home owners to participate in the community activities.  To those of us who were present at the meeting on May 3, 2003, it appeared that this inclusive character of the by-laws was used by the developers to create an exclusive version of IBIC and to create an Irish Beach Architectural Design Committee that, we believe, is subservient to the wishes of the developers.

As a result of these acts, a large diversified group of property owners (approximately 100) joined together with the objective of providing factual, concise information to the community of Irish Beach. 

This site has been developed to provide the public and the residents and owners of property in Irish Beach comprehensive and pertinent information about available services in and for Irish Beach, the development.  This information is provided as a free service.  It is not intended to provide legal, administrative, or general advice about any aspect of purchasing property, selling property, or living in Irish Beach.

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